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Ruixiang two-seater all-electric light-sport aircraft(Wikipedia)
Model RX1E Propeller LGAA自研
Manufacturer Liaoning Ruixiang General Aircraft Manufacture Co.Ltc. Maximum take-off weight 500KG
Style Light sports Maximum commercial load: 162KG
Nationality China Maximum flat flight speed: 150KM/H
Lenth 6.61M Cruising speed 120KM/H
Wingspan 14.5M Maximum flight height 3000M
SeatS 2 Wing area 12 Squaremeter
Engine A37K154 Power life time 1H
Power 30KW Maximum use overload +4g/-2g

RX1E aircraft is China's first new energy two seater general aircraft developed by Liaoning Ruixiang General Aircraft Manufacture Co.Ltc. The aircraft used pure lithium batteries as a power source, as power by rare earth permanent magnet motor to drive the propeller, the whole machine structure made of composite material, with the traditional oil driven aircraft compared with the characteristics of low noise, low vibration, low carbon, no pollution etc.. In addition to its conventional use, mute, vibration when flying small features, you can implement high-precision aerial survey and other special purposes. RX1E aircraft provides a reference for the development of China's general aviation field in the direction of green environmental protection. The side-by-side two seater aircraft belonged to the category of light sport aircraft, which debuted at the 2012 Zhuhai airshow. The aircraft with high aspect ratio wing, T tail, the layout form of fixed landing gear before three. The cabin opens on both sides of the cabin to facilitate boarding passengers. The RX1E aircraft is equipped with mechanical flight instruments and electronic digital display power meters. The machine adopts push / pull rope as its main control system. It has comfortable and spacious inner space, beautiful appearance and excellent aerodynamic performance.

·China’s first new energy light-sport aircraft with completely independent intellectual property rights

·The first all-electric light-sport aircraft awarded an airworthiness certificate by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAV)

·World’s first two-seater all-electric light-sport aircraft awarded an airworthiness certificate under the ASTM standards

·The world's only two seater electric light sport plane with a design certificate and mass production license.

·Airframe structure adopts carbon fiber reinforced composite material, carrying 2 people, life time of 45min-1h.