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Ruixiang Extended range two-seater all-electric light-sport aircraft

On the afternoon of November 1, 2017, at Fakucaihu Airport in Shenyang, the first flight of the Ruixiang Extended Range Electric Aircraft (RX1E-A) was successful. This means that so far, China's most powerful new energy electric aircraft has been the first to fly. On October 19, 2018, RX1E-A aircraft has obtained the Model Design Certificate (TC) issued by China Civil Aviation Administration.

A)Main Performance Index

· Max Level Speed :160km/h;

· Stall Speed:≤82km/h;

· Cruising Altitude :1000m;

· Cruising Speed :110km/h;

· Maximum Use Overload:+4g/-2g;

· Service Ceiling :3000m;

· Maximum Endurance Time Of Power Flight:≥90min;

· Ultimate Run :≥180km;

· Takeoff ground run:≤330m;

· SL,ISA,MTOW :≤540m;

· Distance Of Landing Run :≤380m;

· SL,ISA,MLW:≤1000m;

B)Design Weight Requirement

· Maximum Take-off Weight :600kg;

· Maximum Landing Weight :600kg;

· Payload Capacity :160kg;